Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

We are a men’s group working to find the path of life that Jesus has
for us. As we navigate all kinds of terrain, our group aims to help
each other with our triumphs and challenges while building close
connections. Through various growth huddles, special events and
service opportunities throughout the year, Pathfinders seek to
challenge men to be leaders in their homes, church groups and
communities. We are welcoming men who are looking to be a part
of this journey.

how can i get involved?

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

How can I get involved?

All men are welcome to be part of the Pathfinders!
You can connect closer to God and to fellow brothers as
part of a mission seeking the best way. Whether you can
mentor or be mentored, encourage or be encouraged,
whatever your current season of life, you are invited to
be part of this men’s group seeking the way, the truth
and the life.

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